Feeding your child's development is important.

  • Healthy, nutritious food is important for physical and emotional development.
  • Diet has a significant role in cognition, behavior, mood, and growth.
  • Meal presentation influences intake of new and varied foods. 

Busy schedules and picky tastes, make it challenging for children to consume healthy meals. 

We are here to help!

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Our cooking classes:

Full Circle has partnered with The Charlottesville Cooking School to offer cooking classes designed to teach parents how to use food to support their child's development.  

Current classes:

A variety of classes are offered.  Each is designed to be fun, engaging, and enhance child development.  Current classes support improving:

  • Food intake variety
  • Anxiety and mood
  • Attention and learning
  • Growth 

Currently, all classes are for adults.  Are you interested in classes for your child?  Let us know, we hope to expand our offerings in the future.