Our cooking classes recognize that feeding your child's development is important, but not always easy.

We know that:  

  • Healthy, nutritious food is necessary for physical and emotional development. 
  • Diet has a significant role in cognition, behavior, mood, and growth.
  • Meal presentation influences the intake of new and varied foods.  

Yet, busy schedules and picky tastes, access, and cost make it challenging for children to consume healthy meals. 


Four researched based principals guide the design of our Cooking for Development Classes  

Children who eat healthy have greater success in school and in adulthood-2.png

Feeding Your Child's Development cooking classes support the healthy development of children in our community

The goals of our cooking classes are aligned with the call to action statement by the Virginia Department of Health in their Plan for Well-being by 2020: "Interventions should extend well beyond providing traditional education to individuals and families about healthy choices, and should help build skills...to facilitate healthy choices."

I enjoyed learning about how to use a knife, chop, and save money on food!
— Class Participant, Parent

Full Circle is partnered with Vie to provide parents with practical and accessible cooking skills to support their child's health and development. 

Cooking classes are held in the private upstairs space, generously donated by Junction Restaurant.  A variety of classes are offered; each designed to be fun, engaging, and enhance healthy child development.  

Full Circle and Vie Team

Full Circle and Vie Team

  • Parents walk away with complete recipes and tangible skills that can be implemented the very next day.
  • Parents learn how to save money on food costs!
  • Pediatric specialists highlight the role of key nutrients in child development, behavior, learning, and mood. 
  • Classes are ever-changing, focusing on seasonal foods, specific diets, busy schedules, and picky eaters.
  • Any level of cooking experience is welcomed and supported.  
  • Classes are designed to be taken again and again!

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Classes are listed below.  If no calendar link is available, please check back as we schedule more classes!

Images from recent classes

The combination of great food prep info and knowledge from the childhood development pros was awesome. But honestly, it was getting to learn all that while sipping a nice glass of wine surrounded by awesome moms that made it so much fun! I will be attending as many of these as I can!
— Class Participant, Mother of 2