Play in childhood is important.

  • Play is essential for healthy brain development.
  • Play improves resilancency, reduces anxiety, and enhances emotional wellbeing in children.
  • Play builds social skills and independence.
  • Play strengthens the relationship between children and their caregivers and reduces child oppositional behaviors.  

Our play classes:

  • Each of our classes is lead by a pediatric specialist.
  • Classes are designed for children and their caregivers.
  • Structured activities are combined with free play to enhance creativity, emotional well-being, social skills, and developmental growth. 
  • Each class follows a similar pattern, though is always different, so children are never bored.

Our classes are designed to support all children.  Though, if you have questions about your child's participation, or if you would like to discuss specific goals, please contact us!  

Class details:

  • Currently, our classes are geared for children 18 months-5 years of age.  
  • Classes are offered on the second Friday of each month, from 9:30am-11am
  • Rates are $12 per child+caregiver, $6 for each sibling. 
  • To ensure your space, sign-up is recommended, though not required. 

We will expand our offerings if there is interest.  Please contact us if you have suggestions for additional times and age groups!