Limited finances shouldn't impede healthy child development. 

Research demonstrates the importance of early development as the foundation for later success. Yet, many children lack access to resources to support their developmental health, leaving families and communities struggling.   Our programs work toward our mission of inspiring healthy development for all children.  

Building blocks to play program


Evidence Based

Play supports healthy development, emotional resiliency, and social relationships.  Using unit blocks (wooden building blocks) in play is of particular focus in research studies supporting effective play.  These simple, wooden blocks have been shown to have significantly greater impact in families whose children are at high-risk for developmental delay due to social-economic barriers.  Yet, these blocks are unaffordable for many children who have the potential to receive the greatest benefit


Blocks are donated to local children in need

The generous donations received from our PLAY! program allow us to donate sets of unit blocks, coupled with education in developmental play from our Pediatric Specialists, to families in need in our community.  By partnering with local organizations also dedicated to supporting children and families, we can ensure block donations are received by families in need, who can truly benefit. 

Please let us know if your organization is interested in learning more and receiving this supportive resource. 

Here's a glimpse of where our blocks have gone!

Here's a glimpse of where our blocks have gone!

Access to resources

Programs and fundraising support the ability of families to participate who could not otherwise afford to. All classes are donation based, and easily accessible by various modes of transportation, including bikes, and city buses.  

Our child development specialists decrease barriers to healthcare by providing education, and developmental-behavioral resource supports in environments which are accessible and comfortable to children and families of various backgrounds. 


Let's do this together!

cost to run our programs:

$35: Provides materials for one PLAY! class
$30: Provides a local family with a set of Unit Blocks and developmental play instruction as part of our Building Blocks to Play program. 
$35: Covers the cost for one parent to participate in a cooking class
$100: Provides in-season, local food for a single cooking for development class. 


We also need volunteers!  Please contact us if you are interested in donating your time.  

Thank you our generous community partners!