Research demonstrates the importance of early development of emotional, social, and language skills, as the foundation for later success. Yet, many children lack access to resources to support their developmental health, leaving families and communities struggling. 

Our mission is to promote healthy development for all children.

Let's do this together!

There are many ways you can help: 


  • Unit Blocks:  Unit blocks have been shown to improve language development, particularly in low-income children. But, these wooden blocks are unaffordable for the many children who have the potential to receive the greatest benefit.  Full Circle couples all donations of unit blocks with specific parent education in developmental play.
  • Sponsor A Child: Donate funds to sponsor a child for a semester of Developmental Play Classes, or Cooking For Development Classes, or both! Each donation goes to a child who would otherwise be unable to afford the sessions.  Each sponsor will receive a picture and a "What I Learned" statement from the recipient. 
  • Resources: Supplies and food for play and cooking classes are always needed.  Check back soon for a list of our current needs, though please contact us if you have something you no longer need, which you think we could use!
  • Funds: Any monetary support is tax deductible, and is used to support the mission of promoting healthy development for all children. 


  • Students: High School and College students are needed to assist with play classes. 
  • Time: Volunteer your time to help with collection and distribution of donated materials.
  • Skill Set:  Volunteers with fundraising and promotional skills are especially needed.

Contact us for more information on ways you can help!